The Clans

Below is a list of familiy lines that we are able to trace some common ancestry through.
Generally those names stated in family trees or lists were the heads of the families of that name or clan grouping.

The Milesians

If you have been doing some research on the family history you might have come across the term Milesians.

Who or what are the Milesians?
They are recorded as being the avenging invaders and subsequent fathers of most modern day Irish families.
Their story is that they came from an area of Spain and conquered the native Tuatha-Da-Danan in battle and became kings or Ireland.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the Milesians,a brief overview is provided below.

Some sites believe the Milesian Genealogies are not a historical account of our Irish celtic ancestry but are infact nothing more than mythology created by Irish bards of the time.

The other school of thought is that the Milesians did exist and that there is a valid lineage of families dating back to the time they arrived in Ireland.
If you are of this view then we are descended from the Milesians then we belong to the line of Ir.
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Clanna Rory

The first Clan by which we can lay claim to is know as Clan-na-Rory

It's origins trace back to Ruadhri(Rory)Mor the 86th Monarch of Ireland who died around 218BC.

The son of Ruadhri's 5th son was the famous Fergus MacRoigh.
It is from him our line branches off once again.

The people from this line have also been called Rudricians.

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Corca Modhruadh

From the lines of Corc, son of Fergus MacRoigh.

The Corca Modhruadh clan/tribe is where the O'Loughlin name and clan is born and come to prominence in Irish History.

When this line of Clan-Na-Rory made it's way from Ulster into Munster and it's final destination of North West County Clare is unknown.

The Corca Modhruadh is the clan which our family is one of the main septs, the main septs being (O'Conor Corcomroe), Ua Lochlainn (O'Loughlin), Ua Flaithbertach (O'Flaherty), Ua Diocholla (O'Deely), Ua Drinan (O'Drennan), O'Maoleidigh (O'Melody).

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Clanna Lochlainn

Below is a map showing where we were situated in relation to other family clans of the county.

The Dalcassians(Dal gCais)

A few sites list the O'Loughlin's as being Dalcassians and this incorrect.

Originally the tribes the O'Loughlin's are descended from were situated in Ulster, where as the Dalcassians were a Munster tribe.

As stated the O'Loughlins are from the tribe Corca Modhruadh which is recorded as having migrated down from the north of Ireland.

The two septs met in battle several times and raided each others lands thus showing no great like for each other.

Due to them being on neighbouring lands there would have been fusing of bloodlines over the centuries, especially in the later years, though early on it would have been less common.